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Indeed the promise of old has come true: "Behold, Verily I say :In consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days, I have warned you and forewarn you." Although, this warning was given for something else, It surely applies in these circumstance.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Oh, How Far We've Fallen

Several years ago, I worked for a full service Ad Agency. Full Service means that they are capable of working with all types of media. TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, bill board, everywhere. The agency was large and well respected. Award winning in its industry. They were featured in ADWEEK, the industry magazine.

I made friends with the creative VP, and was able to see how ads were made. WOW! I would have never thought. The creative group was the front end, and would spend most of their time, thinking of ways to sell something. 

This creative group ideaed,  (looks strange, but that’s what they called it) some of the very best commercials, Some were Iconic. Think of the 1976 Ford commercial with John Wayne.

This group met once a week, to think up headlines. Catchy, funny, provocative, heart breaking, A headline for everything, designed to pull you in, wanting to know more. 

Ad Agencies were measured by the dollar. It seemed that the money just rolled in. Commercials are everywhere, when you’re the agency that makes the best, the sky's the limit. The headline group, who only met once a week, added another Day.

Well, you can see how this goes, A good Headline is very valuable. It's a shame, that it has fallen so far.
The next few posts will highlight, actual Headlines and stories that reflect this fall. Because Blogs are backwards, it will be the post before this on.

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