This Blog Æx pØ ssê is dedicated to the exposing, uncovering, aerating, revealing, chicanery and exposing it to the bright sunlight. The trickery used by the Charlatans, Pretenders, scallywags, poseurs, misleaders, fakirs, hoaxers who profess to be reporters of the news.

Indeed the promise of old has come true: "Behold, Verily I say :In consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days, I have warned you and forewarn you." Although, this warning was given for something else, It surely applies in these circumstance.

Friday, November 29, 2013

It's not just Fox News any more

Today, I will feature headlines found on first pages. These are not from Fox News or other sensationist media outlets they come from some of the most respectable News Organizations. You might ask: "Are you making this up" or "Get ouda here", but each of these Headlines are really there. They are Googleable. to read the whole story. Because there are so many, I will show only the Headline and in some cases a sub heading. As you read ask yourselves, "Are they trying to fool me?"

All of these stories (thru the Cholesterol story) were found on the front page of the BBC News, Nov 29 2013.

German policeman eats lover
Egyptian Girl, 15, arrested for walking
The dark underbelly of Black Fridays shopping frenzy
Sexism is daily reality for girls, says Girlguiding UK

     sub titles
       No more Page Three urges Guides
       Thinness in media feeds obsession
Sex Starved flies live shorter more stressful lives
Cholesterol 'fuels' breast cancer

End of Headlines from BBC News Front page

SS United States is being prepared for a new life
     "It's a great fixer-upper,"

Black NFL players arrested nearly 10 times as often as whites
     A police officer in Cincinnati watched a large black man get into his car and turn on the engine after being  told it was illegally parked. He was arrested in a scuffle, but judge rejected police account and all charges were dropped. "I don't bring ... my (expensive) cars to New Jersey anymore, said the large black man.

Idris Ekba Shines

Mother and stepfather charged after three girls are freed from home in Tucson
     Girls had been sent to their rooms for arguing, One of the girls texts a message to a friend, and things escalate, all within 10 minutes.

Popular TV show mocks Best Buy claims Best Buy

Why Are Walmart's 'Black Friday' Union Critics Stopping At $25000 Per Employee?

Online group supports boy who wears glasses.      A little boy upset about having to wear glasses now feels he's the coolest kid in town after thousands of fellow species told him it wasn't so bad.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic Teach Son Duke to Swim in Tahiti

Brave girl tells peers 'I'm bald'

Have we fallen so far? Outright deception, bait and switch, sex implication, mockery, hate generating. Some try to entrap us with headlines, that have no apparent meaning or being worthy of any news. Some are written to tug your heart strings, or to entice you by asking a provocative question. Every trick in the book is being used to draw us in.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

NSA Spying

The next four headlines is an examples of Headlines gone wild. These are meant set fear in motion.

NSA 'plan to shame web-porn users'

The US authorities have studied online sexual activity and suggested exposing porn site visits as a way to discredit people. This the true purpose of 'PRISM".
The New Meaning of Spyware

It may not just be the cybercriminals accessing your computer

If you thought you were pretty clever knowing that spyware refers to pieces of malicious code put on computers in order for cybercriminals to steal your passwords and other IDs, think again.

Whose porn habits will NSA spy on next?

Whose, Yours?

Could Your Embarrassing Porn Habits Be Used Against You by the NSA?

Are you afraid? You should be!

Oh, How Far We've Fallen

Several years ago, I worked for a full service Ad Agency. Full Service means that they are capable of working with all types of media. TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, bill board, everywhere. The agency was large and well respected. Award winning in its industry. They were featured in ADWEEK, the industry magazine.

I made friends with the creative VP, and was able to see how ads were made. WOW! I would have never thought. The creative group was the front end, and would spend most of their time, thinking of ways to sell something. 

This creative group ideaed,  (looks strange, but that’s what they called it) some of the very best commercials, Some were Iconic. Think of the 1976 Ford commercial with John Wayne.

This group met once a week, to think up headlines. Catchy, funny, provocative, heart breaking, A headline for everything, designed to pull you in, wanting to know more. 

Ad Agencies were measured by the dollar. It seemed that the money just rolled in. Commercials are everywhere, when you’re the agency that makes the best, the sky's the limit. The headline group, who only met once a week, added another Day.

Well, you can see how this goes, A good Headline is very valuable. It's a shame, that it has fallen so far.
The next few posts will highlight, actual Headlines and stories that reflect this fall. Because Blogs are backwards, it will be the post before this on.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Examples Of The Deception

My normal routine in the morning, consist of breakfast eaten at the computer, and reading Newspapers from all over the world. The name's are easily recognizable: Abc News, CNN, Washington Post, Slate, New York Times and so on.

I usually finish my perusal in about an hour and a half. Yesterday, I started looking for news stories that fall into the purpose of Æx pØ ssê Old Danish for Exposé

Yesterdays reading took hours as I found Stories that were, in some cases patently misleading. It literally took hours to copy and paste headlines and part of the story into a document that is Usable.

Man discovers new use for !no!no
Polls say one thing, public thinks another

Comcast is now 5 guys

Study Says Rich, White Parents are Less Concerned about online Safety
Why there no Atheist at the Grand Canyon

You will note that the headlines are provocative, designed to want to you read more. Sometimes, they might be bait and switch, Sometimes it alludes to something provocative.

Many of the future blogs will be posted with the headline and the story. This is a PG rated site, so I will redact inappropriate materiel. Yes, that sometimes appears.

Thank You

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Onion, The Beginning

A web site was created in 1996, it's full name is "The Onion". It is known as an entertainment newspaper, intentionally written with satire. It purpose was to be funny.y and advertised so. It took right off, mostly through, word of mouth. They also purported a much older founding."
"Officially, the paper purports to be over 250 years old, having originally published in the mid 18th century. It was named the "Mercantile Onion" because those were the only two English words the paper's immigrant founder, Friedrich Siegfried Zweibel, knew at the time. (Zwiebel is German for "onion".) The newspaper's motto was originally Tu Stultus Es (Latin for "You are stupid"). Reported by Wikipedia.
As the Onion gained popularity, newspaper readers were reading less of the paper. A switch was starting, that began to worry the newspapers. Not only the newspapers were being affected, but also News Magazines. At first they thought it was some sort of bubble, that would burst, and all would return to normal.

It was not a bubble, and by the time they accept that idea, it was almost too late. Some reporters compared this bubble burst, to the fall of IBM. If you remember, it was the time small personal computers came into being. IBM waited too long to recognize what was happening, and the mighty IBM fell, replaced by Microsoft.

Newspaper started testing some of the ideas "The Onion" created. They started very small, with stories that were given catchy titles. The real story was changed slightly to include the reports wit. There were no complaints, printed a few more doctored stories and circulation started to rise. Soon, the readership of The Onion began to fall. The Onion realized that the only way to keep up was to put in language that was inappropriate. The problem has escalated, and here we are.