This Blog Æx pØ ssê is dedicated to the exposing, uncovering, aerating, revealing, chicanery and exposing it to the bright sunlight. The trickery used by the Charlatans, Pretenders, scallywags, poseurs, misleaders, fakirs, hoaxers who profess to be reporters of the news.

Indeed the promise of old has come true: "Behold, Verily I say :In consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days, I have warned you and forewarn you." Although, this warning was given for something else, It surely applies in these circumstance.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Examples Of The Deception

My normal routine in the morning, consist of breakfast eaten at the computer, and reading Newspapers from all over the world. The name's are easily recognizable: Abc News, CNN, Washington Post, Slate, New York Times and so on.

I usually finish my perusal in about an hour and a half. Yesterday, I started looking for news stories that fall into the purpose of Æx pØ ssê Old Danish for Exposé

Yesterdays reading took hours as I found Stories that were, in some cases patently misleading. It literally took hours to copy and paste headlines and part of the story into a document that is Usable.

Man discovers new use for !no!no
Polls say one thing, public thinks another

Comcast is now 5 guys

Study Says Rich, White Parents are Less Concerned about online Safety
Why there no Atheist at the Grand Canyon

You will note that the headlines are provocative, designed to want to you read more. Sometimes, they might be bait and switch, Sometimes it alludes to something provocative.

Many of the future blogs will be posted with the headline and the story. This is a PG rated site, so I will redact inappropriate materiel. Yes, that sometimes appears.

Thank You

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